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Opening a New Branch

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Opening a New Branch
  1. Application Procedure
    1. Members must apply to the TIC for opening a new branch as early as possible. The following should be submitted:
      • Application Form for Opening a Branch】duly completed with company stamp (as enclosed);
      • a copy of new Stamped Tenancy Agreement or Purchase and Sale Agreement or relevant written agreement;
      • a copy of Branch Registration Certificate for the new branch office. If it is unavailable, a copy of the application form for opening a branch lodged with the Inland Revenue Department should be submitted first; and
      • a fee of HK$600 for opening a branch office.
    2. Members must submit to the TIC photos and the floor plan of the new premises which clearly show the following:
      • their company name displayed in the directory at the lobby of the building and/or on the floor in which the premises located;
      • their company name displayed at the entrance or a prominent place near the entrance to the premises;
      • the inside environment of the premises; and
      • the location of their company designated on the floor plan of the premises.
  2. Branch Requirements

    The requirements for each branch office are listed below for members’ reference:

    1. A paid-up capital of not less than HK$250,000 for each branch office in addition to its paid-up capital of HK$500,000 for its head office. (If the member has not met this requirement, it must first increase its paid-up capital and submit the relevant supporting documents to the TIC.)
    2. It employs at each premises at least a manager who has a minimum of two consecutive years’ relevant practical experience within the recent five years and another full-time staff member;
    3. It conducts its travel-related and tourism business within separate and independent commercial premises / buildings or with other members according to the rules.【Please refer to《Guidelines on TIC Membership Criteria》】


Note: Only Ordinary Members are allowed to open branch offices.

Download Application Form for Opening a New Branch