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Board of Directors

The TIC Board of Directors has 17 members, including the Chairman, 8 member-elected directors and 8 Association Member representatives. Please click here for the General Code of Conduct for TIC Board of Directors.


Members of the Board of Directors (2023/2024):

Chairman Mrs Gianna HSU Director & General Manager, Towa Tours Ltd
Deputy Chairmen Mr NG Hi On MH HACTO Representative
Director, CTS (HK) MICE Service Company Limited
  Mr Ricky TSE FHCTA Representative
President and CEO, United Holidays Company Limited
Honorary Secretary Mr Johnny SO OTOA Representative
Managing Director, Bao Shinn International Express Ltd
Honorary Treasurer Mr Roy LO MH Elected Director
Director, Million Tour Limited
Directors Mr Iamon CHENG  Elected Director
Managing Director, Yee Tai(Hong Kong) Travel Service Limited
  Ms Gloria CHOI HJTOA Representative
Managing Director, Sweetful Enterprises Ltd
  Mr Sam LAM MH Elected Director
Business Director, China Travel Service(Hong Kong) Limited
  Mr Andy LAU HATA Representative
Managing Director, 360 Holidays Limited
  Mr David LEUNG Elected Director
Managing Director, JJ Explorer Tours Ltd
  Mr Fred LEUNG Elected Director
Managing Director, Plan Travel Ltd
  Mr Larry LO SIPA Representative
Chief Executive Officer(Asia), Westminster Travel Ltd
  Mr Steve SY TTOA Representative
General Manager, Sunrise Tours Enterprises Limited
  Mr Warren TONG Elected Director
Managing Director, Ryoutou Tours Ltd
  Mr Jonathan WONG ICTA Representative
Deputy General Manager, Corporate Travel Management Limited
  Mr Freddy YIP MH Elected Director
Managing Director, Goldjoy Travel Ltd
  Mr ZHONG Guosong Elected Director
Executive Director, Sunflower Travel  Service Ltd

Honorary Adviser: Mr Jason WONG JP (TIC Chairman for 2015-2021; Director, Hong Mei Travel Services Co Ltd)

(names are listed in alphabetical order)

Chairman can be reached at: [email protected], and other directors at: [email protected]