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Mission and Services

Mission and Services


The TIC has over the past several decades grown together with Hong Kong and the trade, performing an important role in regulating the trade and promoting the development of the travel industry. In the third quarter of 2022, the TIC completed its historic mission of self-regulating the industry and took up the role of the federation of trade associations. Its missions are:

  • to promote the development and professionalism of the industry
  • to continuously enhance the service standards of the industry
  • to protect and promote members’ rights, interests and welfare
  • to assist members to explore new business opportunities
  • to strengthen partnerships with travel-related organisations within and outside Hong Kong



For member agents

  • organising various kinds of activities to promote fellowship and understanding within the industry
  • organising training courses, seminars, workshops and the like to upgrade the standard of industry members
  • updating the TIC website regularly to provide various kinds of information for members
  • promoting communication between members and related organisations outside the industry and providing channels for discussion
  • helping members recruit staff through the TIC website

For the public

  • raising awareness of travel safety and travel protection among travellers