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Pre-examination Training Course for Tour Escorts

Pre-examination Training Course for Tour Escorts

Course Information


A. Objective

With a view to maintaining a high standard of service within the outbound travel industry, all tour escorts assigned by licensed travel agents to lead outbound tours must hold a valid Tour Escort License. This course is designed to teach basic tour-escorting skills and to assist participants in preparing for the “Licensing Examination of Tour Escorts”.

For details for the licensing of tour escorts, please visit the Travel Industry Authority (TIA) website:

B. Course Information

1)    Target participants
People who intend to become licensed tour escort.

2)    Entry requirements
1.    18 years old or above;
2.    Holders of the Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, or holders of the Hong Kong Identity Card who are not subject to any condition of stay;
3.    Academic qualifications:
(a)    completion of Hong Kong’s Form 5 education under the 5-year secondary academic structure or Senior Secondary 3 education under the New Senior Secondary academic structure (or equivalent); or
(b)    for education completed outside Hong Kong, the individual concerned must prove, to the satisfaction of Travel Industry Authority (TIA), that it is equivalent to completion of the education specified in subparagraph (a); (nationally or internationally recognised verification documents shall be required for non-local academic qualifications)

3)    Course duration    
30 hours

4)    Course content
Part I (8 hours)
1.    Requirements for an outstanding tour escort
2.    Roles and duties of a tour escort
3.    Effective skills in escorting a tour group    

Part II (19 hours)
1.    Departure and Arrival Information
2.    Travel Industry Compensation Fund and Levy
3.    General information on travel insurance
4.    Important Information


  • A.    Relevant laws
    i)      Prevention of Bribery Ordinance
    ii)    Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance    
    iii)    Protection of endangered species and travel
    iv)    The Trade Descriptions Ordinance

  • B.  Travel Health
    i)   Hong Kong Travel Health Services
    ii)  Common vaccinations and infectious diseases
    iii) iii) Chinese and English names for diseases and injuries, body parts and medicines

  • C.  Travel Safety
    i)   Tips on tourist’s safety
    ii)  Safety of Outbound Package Tours
    iii) Special notes for escorting a special interest tour

  • D.  Governance by Travel Industry Authority
    i)    A brief introduction to the Travel Industry Authority
    ii)   Travel Industry Ordinance .and subsidiary legislation
    iii)  Directive for Licensees
    iv)  Travel Industry Ordinance and Directive relating to tour escorts

  • E.  Seeking Assistance
    i)    Use of IDD Hong Kong collect call service
    ii)   Guide to Assistance Services to Hong Kong Residents in the Mainland
    iii)  Transfer of Patients from the Mainland to Hong Kong
    iv)  Guide to Consular Protection and Services Outside Chinese Territory    

  • F.   Ecotourism

  • G.  Accessible travel

  • H.  Service tips for Senior travel

5.    Basic principles and effective skills in handling crisis
6.    How to deal with tour group members with uncontrollable emotions or abnormal behaviours
7.    Handling of unexpected incidents
8.    Observation and case study on crisis handling
9.    Case study/group discussion
10.  Travel Tips for healthy travel

Part III (3 hours)
Role play assessment

5)    Class timetable

Course Code Part I
Part I
Class Time  
(8 hrs)
Part II
Part II 
Class Time 
(18 hrs)
Role Play
Role Play Assessment
(4 hrs)
TIC/TE/202307 2023-06-23 09:00 - 18:00 (1) 2023-06-24
(2) 2023-06-25
(3) 2023-06-26
(1)  09:00 -17:30
(2)  09:00 -17:30
(3)  09:00 -12:00
2023-06-26 13:00 - 17:00
TIC/TE/202305 2023-07-15 09:00 - 18:00 (1) 2023-07-16
(2) 2023-07-22
(3) 2023-07-23
(1)  09:00 -17:30
(2)  09:00 -17:30
(3)  09:00 -12:00
2023-07-23 13:00 – 17:00



2023-07-27 09:00 - 18:00 (1) 2023-07-28
(2) 2023-07-29
(3) 2023-07-30
(1)  09:00 -17:30
(2)  09:00 -17:30
(3)  09:00 -12:00
2023-07-30 13:00 – 17:00



2023-07-12 09:00 - 18:00 (1) 2023-07-13
(2) 2023-07-17
(3) 2023-07-18
(1)  09:00 -18:00
(2)  09:00 -18:00
(3)  09:00 -12:00
2023-07-18 13:30 – 18:00


6)    Class size*
12 - 24 participants (Private classes can be arranged upon request.)

*Remarks: The minimum number of participants in each class is 12 persons, and the maximum is 24 persons. The class will be cancelled if the number of participants enrolled is below 12. Should the class be cancelled, participants will be notified by e-mail.

7)    Venue
Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong training centre (Room 1809, 18/F, Fortress Tower, 250 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong);

8)    Course fees (including one copy of training manual)    
HK$ 3,780 per person*

* Remarks: Staff members of eligible travel agents could apply for the Development Fund for the Travel Industry, each applicant will be subsidised with a maximum of 70% of the fee of a training activity if its application is successful provided that the fee of the training activity per person is not less than HK$500. The subsidy ceiling for each travel agent is HK$30,000 per year. The year of subsidy is to commence from 1 January of each year until 31 December of the same year.

9)     Payment methods
Offline and Online Payment
Applicants can make a payment by a crossed cheque or in cash (cash payments should be made at the Travel Industry Council (TIC) Office) or via cash deposit to the TIC bank account. Applicants should take note of the followings:
1.    sufficient money is available in their current account at the time of making the payment by a crossed cheque; or
2.    the TIC’s bank account number is correctly entered when making a cash deposit through bank. (Bank account for cash deposit: Bank of China (HK) Ltd 031-349-1-038340-4, payable to “Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong”)

10)    Attendance requirements *  

Course Attendance rate/assessment requirement
Part I 100%
Part II 100%
Part III 100%
Role play assessment Pass (70% or above)

* Remarks: Lateness or early leave will be regarded as absence. ONLY participants having a 100% attendance rate in ALL parts, and obtain a pass, which is equal to 70% or above marks in the role play assessment, will be issued the Certificate of Completion. The participants of the course can apply for the Licensing Examination for Tour Escorts with the Certificate of Completion.


Arrangement for absence: Without 100% attendance rate in all parts and/or fail in role play assessment will be regarded as ineligible for applying the Licensing Examination for Tour Escort. Participant are required to re-sit the part of course with re-sit fee if applicable.

Repeat / Re-sit Re-sit Fee (per person)
Part I HK$ 1,008
Part II HK$ 2,394
Part III
Role play assessment
HK$ 378

11)    Medium of instruction*
Cantonese ; course materials are in Chinese 

* Remarks: Course materials are in electronic version and are in Chinese. Applicants are required to pay HK$100 for an extra set of printed course materials.

12)     Course instructors
All course instructors are licensed tour escorts with rich tour escorting experience; possessing minimum 10 years’ experience in travel trade and with a minimum of 5 years in training or related discipline.

C. Certificate of Completion

1)    Participants completing the course with 100% attendance rate with a pass in the role play assessment will be issued a Certificate of Completion.
2)    Certificate of Completion will not be re-issued. A transcript can be provided, however, to prove the completion of the course upon the receipt of written request and administrative fee.

D. Enrolment Procedures

1)    All applications for the Pre-examination Training Course for Tour Escorts will be handled on a first-come-first-served basis. 

2)    The TIC reserves the right to accept or reject any applications.

3)    Online Enrolment

Applicants can enrol in the course online via
Documents stated in paragraph 3 of Section IV except Document of Identity for Visa Purposes / passport (for non-permanent residents only) are required to be uploaded. Applicants are required to provide their original academic proof for verification before beginning of the course. Applicants who hold Document of Identity for Visa Purposes / passport (for non-permanent HK residents only) are required to present the original of their identity documents for information checking and verification before the examination at the latest.

4)    The payment of course fee must be made within 3 working days after applicants have been notified of approval for online enrolment by the TIC. Non-payment after the specified period of time will be regarded as withdrawal of application.
5)    Payment Method
(i)    Enrolment is secured once applicants’ payment by a crossed cheque or in cash (payment should be made at the TIC office) or via cash deposit through bank has been confirmed by the TIC.
(ii)   Crossed cheque should be made payable to ‘Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong’ with applicant’s name and course code written on the back of the cheque. Please do NOT mail cash.
(iii)  Bank account for cash deposit: Bank of China (HK) Ltd 031-349-1-038340-4. Applicant’s name and course code should be written on the back of the deposit slip (photocopy). Applicants who submit application by post are advised to keep the original of deposit slip for record in order to avoid the loss of payment evidence caused by delivery error. Applicants must make sure that the date and time of transaction must be shown clearly on the deposit slip.

6)    Applicants should take respond to bear any bank charges or other fees incurred. Bank charges or other fees will not be refunded when the number of participants for each course is less than the minimum number of participants for the course. In the case of dishonoured cheque, the TIC reserves the right to cancel the applicant enrolment.

7)   Each applicant can submit ONE enrolment form only. Applications will NOT be processed for duplicate submission of form or incomplete information provided.

8)   For applications is made by post, the date when the TIC Office receives the documents will be counted as the submission date. Applicants will be notified of the result of application within TWO WEEKS from the mailing date. The TIC will not be responsible for unsuccessful applications caused by mail delay or incomplete documents provided.

E. Important Notes

1)    Course / class changing or refund of course fee will NOT be allowed once an applicant is admitted.
2)    Admitted applicants should take note of the class timetable, requirements on attendance rate, etc.
3)    No reminder will be given to individual students. Should the course be cancelled, students will be notified and fully refunded.
4)    The applicants have to provide all original proof of identity, academic proof to the TIC for inspection before the start of the course. The TIC reserves the right to cancel the applicant enrolment without refund if applicant fail to provide the proof.
5)    Course students must immediately inform the TIC of any changes in contact information.
6)    The conformed timetable of the classes will be published on the TIC website. All applicants have to check the web page for information.
7)    The TIC reserves the right to amend at any time the details of the course information without prior notice and the right of final interpretation. Applicants or course students will be informed of any amendments of information. In case of any disputes, the decision of the TIC shall be final.

F. Bad Weather Arrangements

1. When Tropical Cyclone No. 8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force, all classes / assessmentwill be postponed.

2. When Tropical Cyclone No. 8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is cancelled in the following time, all classes / assessment will be held as scheduled.

Cancellation of Tropical Cyclone No. 8 or above, or Black Rainstorm Warning Signal Arrangements
At 6:00 am or before All classes / assessment will be held as scheduled
At 11:00 am or before All classes / assessment starting at or after 2:00 pm will be held as scheduled


  • a) When Tropical Cyclone No. 8 or above is in force during class time, all classes will be suspended.
  • b) When Tropical Cyclone No. 8 or above is in force during assessment time, all assessment in progress will continue until the end.
  • c) When Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force, all classes / assessment in progress will continue until the end.

3. When Tropical Cyclone No. 3 or below, Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force, all classes / assessment will continue as scheduled.

4. Students should notify the TIC by phone on 2807-1199 or e-mail [email protected] as soon as possible if they have practical difficulties in attending class/assessment (such as road blockage, required means of transport being affected, flooding, landslip, etc).

G. Notes on Collection of Personal Data

1. The personal data provided in this application form will be used by the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC) for the following purposes:

  • to process course applications and enrolment;
  • to maintain course students’ records in the TIC;
  • to administer the assessment for this course;
  • to distribute assessment results, issue course certificates and disseminate relevant information to candidates;
  • to conduct research or statistical analysis;
  • to provide the information to TIA for examination or issuance of tour escort license, or any other related purposes
  • any other related purposes.

2. Applicants are advised to provide sufficient information as far as possible, otherwise their applications may be unable to be processed.

3. Applicants will be required to produce their HKID Card in person for verification purposes, and staff of the TIC will only sign the application form after verifying the contents of the applicant’s HKID Card. If an applicant is unable to come to the TIC in person, the applicant may submit a copy of his/her HKID Card by post or by fax but any such copy shall be retained until such time as the applicant concerned is able to produce his/her HKID Card in person for verification purposes. The TIC reserves the right to require the production and to make and retain copies of an applicant’s HKID Card in any circumstances which are permitted by law.

4. The TIC will keep the personal data of applicants confidential but may provide such data to any other person or his/her representative for any one or more of the purposes set out in paragraph 1 above. Applicants are required to authorise the TIC to provide copies of all documents that submitted for the purpose of enroling into the course (including application form and/or all certified documents), assessment results and all relevant documents to the TIA, for the purpose of verification.

5. According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants have the right to: 
(i)    ascertain whether their personal data are held by the TIC; 
(ii)  obtain a copy of the data mentioned in paragraph 5(i); and 
(iii)  their personal data held by the TIC. 
Applicants should provide the TIC with sufficient information in order for their identity to be determined, otherwise their data access request may be rejected. The TIC may impose a fee on any such request.

6. Any request for access to personal data should be made in writing and addressed to the TIC Industry Training Department at: Rooms 1706-09, Fortress Tower, 250 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong

H. Funding Scheme

  • For eligible travel agencies: Please click《here》for details.
  • Others:Please click 《here》for details

H. Enquiries

For enquiries, please contact the TIC Industry Training Department on 2807-1199 during office hours. 


Office hours

Monday - Friday    Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
9:00 am – 1:00 pm
2:00 pm – 5:30 pm