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Executive Office

The Executive Office ([email protected]), headed by the Executive Director, has eight departments: Consumer Relations, Finance and Administration, Inbound, Industry Training, Membership, Outbound, Public Relations and Special Projects. The duties of the Executive Office are to carry out the policies adopted by the Board of Directors.


Executive Director


General Manager


Senior Managers




The following are the eight departments of the Executive Office and their duties:


Consumer Relations Department ([email protected])

  • to handle complaints lodged by outbound travellers


Finance and Administration Department ([email protected])

  • to keep the accounts
  • to handle matters relating to the franking machines and levy refund
  • to collect membership subscriptions and other fees
  • to provide administrative support for the Executive Office


Inbound Department ([email protected])

  • to handle issues relating to inbound travel
  • to handle complaints lodged by inbound visitors
  • to handle cases of non-compliance with the TIC’s codes and directives
  • to register tour confirmation agreements of mainland inbound tours
  • to enforce the Refund Protection Scheme (Registered Shops) for Inbound Tour Group Shoppers


Industry Training Department ([email protected])

  • to organise training activities or courses for the industry
  • to conduct accreditation examinations for tourist guides and tour escorts
  • to handle applications for the Tourist Guide Pass and Tour Escort Pass


Membership Department ([email protected])

  • to handle issues relating to membership including processing applications
  • to maintain membership records
  • to register members’ representatives to general meetings


Outbound Department ([email protected])

  • to handle issues relating to outbound travel
  • to register tour brochures
  • to handle cases of non-compliance with the TIC’s codes and directives


Public Relations Department ([email protected])

  • to organise seminars, gatherings and various functions for members
  • to arrange press conferences and distribute press releases
  • to oversee the development and content of the TIC’s website


Special Projects Department ([email protected])

  • to assist in the planning, promotion and management of projects undertaken by the TIC
  • to provide secretarial support for the project committees and working groups
  • to monitor the progress of the projects and ensure their compliance with the funding requirements and the applicable laws and regulations