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Join hands to enter a new era


Join hands to enter a new era


The new regulatory regime of the travel industry is fully implemented today (1 September), marking a significant milestone in the Hong Kong travel industry. The TIC has since 1988 been a self-regulatory body of travel agents pursuant to the Travel Agents (Amendment) Ordinance. It has grown together with Hong Kong and the trade in the past several decades, performing the important role of regulating the trade and promoting the development of the industry. Having completed its historic mission of self-regulation, the TIC, as a federation of trade associations, will be committed to serving its members, speaking for the trade and the industry’s sustainable development. The TIC Board has set its work targets as follows:

  • To promote the development and professionalism of the industry
  • To continuously enhance the service standards of the industry
  • To protect and promote members’ rights, interests and welfare
  • To assist members to explore new business opportunities
  • To strengthen partnerships with travel-related organisations within and outside Hong Kong

In the past year or so, the TIC has closely communicated and cooperated with the Tourism Commission and the Travel Industry Authority on the detailed transitional arrangements, so as to ensure a smooth transition to the new regulatory regime for traders. The first phase of the transition works has been smoothly carried out and the remainder of the works will be completed within the transition period.

The TIC deeply appreciates members’ support over the years and will in the days to come continue devoting itself to serving its members, seeking business opportunities for travel agents and promoting recovery of the travel industry.