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Train-the-trainer Course


Train-the-trainer Course


The Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (“TIC”) is going to organise Train-the-trainer Course (the “Course”). Licensed tourist guides are invited to apply of the Course. This Course aims at equipping students with the skills and knowledge on how to teach tourist guiding programme.  

Details of the Course are as follows:

1. Course Arrangement:

  Classroom Training Assessment and Examination
Date: 5, 6 and 7 December 2022
(Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday)
12 December 2022
Time: 9:30 am – 5:30 pm  9:30 am – 2:30 pm
Content: Theory and Practical Training Written Examination and Teaching Demonstration Examination

Course Duration: This is a 3-day training course with a total of 21 hours. Assessment and examination is going to be held one week after the classroom training.


2. Attendance and Certificate

  • Attendance Rate: Participants must achieve a 100% attendance.
  • The assessment of this course is conducted by examination. The examination consists of two parts - Written Examination and test and Teaching Demonstration Examination.
    The pass mark for each part is 80.  Participants must pass both parts of the examination in order to obtain the qualification of becoming an authorised tourist guide instructor of the TIC.  A certificate of completion will be issued to qualified students. 


3. Class Size: The minimum class size is 12 participants. (First Come, First Served)

4. Course fee: HK$7,100*

* Remarks: Applicants could apply for the Development Fund for the Travel Industry, each licensed tourist guide will be subsidised with a maximum of 70% of the fee of a training activity if its application is successful provided that the fee of the training activity per person is not less than HK$500. The subsidy ceiling for each licensed tourist guide is HK$5,000 per year. The year of subsidy is to commence from 1 January of each year until 31 December of the same year.

5. Medium of Instruction: Cantonese

6. Course Outline:

  • Understand theories on adult learning
  • Increase and enhance knowledge on classroom management
  • Learn the skills of teaching and how to teach tour guides
  • Learn the skills and technique of assessment and evaluation

7. Entry requirements:

  • Must hold a valid Tourist Guide Licence;
  • Must have tour guiding experience and work in the Travel Industry for ten years or above or holding a bachelor’s degree together with a minimum of five years travel related training experience;
  • Must provide a letter of recommendation issue by a licensed travel agent (inbound travel)

8. Enrolment method:

  • To enrol for the course, please complete online enrolment form:
  • Admitted applicants will receive an “Enrolment Confirmation” with class confirmation, lessons arrangement and payment details by e-mail.
  • Registration deadline: On or before 5:00 p.m. on 18 November 2022 (Friday)
  • For further information on the course, please refer to "Course Information" (in Chinese only).


For enquiries, please contact the TIC Industry Training Department on 2807-1199 during office hours.


Last update: 15 November 2022