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The Police Force launched a brand-new website “SafeCity.HK”

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The Police Force launched a brand-new website “SafeCity.HK”


The Police Force launched a brand-new website “SafeCity.HK” on 16 May 2023 to provide a one-stop hub of the most updated crime prevention tips and knowledge.

The new website covers major areas such as “Personal Safety”, “Security of Premises”, , “Quick Links” to crime prevention information and “Educational Materials”, as well as “Tips for Tourists” that provides practical information for tourists to travel safely in Hong Kong.

The Crime Prevention Bureau (CPB) set up the “Crime Alerts Network” (CAN) in early 2022, using WhatsApp to disseminate crime alerts promptly to a myriad of working partners, including school principals, parents, social workers, and various private organisations. Meanwhile, the working partners were encouraged to share information with their relatives and colleagues. Since its inception, over two million citizens have received the weekly crime alerts broadcast by the Force.

To establish closer ties and strengthen the cohesion of “CAN”, the CPB launched the “SafeCity Ambassadors” scheme, appointing 47 representatives from various community organisations and groups with the aim to build a safe and harmonious city by proactively engaging different sectors of community and disseminating crime prevention information in a multi-pronged approach.

Welcome to visit the website of “SafeCity.HK” for the latest information of crime prevention.