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Characteristic Local Tourism Incentive Scheme Application Deadline Extension


Characteristic Local Tourism Incentive Scheme Application Deadline Extension


The Government announced today an extension of the application deadline for the Characteristic Local Tourism Incentive Scheme (the Scheme) in view of the application 
circumstances. The Scheme which was originally due to be closed on 30 June 2024, will be extended by three months to 30 September 2024.

The prevailing eligibility, local/inbound tourist quotas and criteria of application will remain unchanged after the extension of the Scheme. Applications for the eligible local tours under the Scheme must be submitted by the following deadlines (Licensed travel agents must submit the application to the TIC in respect of local tour on or before the last day of the month following the departure date of the tour):

Departure dates of eligible local tours

Relevant application deadline for 
cash incentives

1 to 31 July 2024

31 August 2024

1 to 31 August 2024

30 September 2024

1 to 30 September 2024

31 October 2024

In addition, the designated sites under the Scheme have been updated. Please refer to Annex 1 of the Guide to Application for the newly added sites.

Revised documents of the Scheme will be published on the TIC website. For inquiry, please contact TIC at 2969 8149.