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General (applicable to all members)

Rules that members also need to observe: Codes of Conduct for TIC Members, the TIC’s M&A and other relevant rules and regulations.

No. Issue Date
Subject Remarks
233 2017-12-15 Following up of settlements or rulings concerning complaints lodged by consumers / inbound visitors -
214 2013-10-11 Provision of products or services by licensed suppliers (revised) -
205 2011-8-19 Rules for Election of Elected Directors (Revised) -
197 2010-12-24 Declaration of association with registered shops -
178 2009-12-18 Ensuring all kinds of cases subject to impartial treatment (revised) -
171 2008-3-20 Regulations relating to application for a travel agents licence -
154 2006-12-13 Increase in maximum amounts of fines for violations -
142 2005-10-17 Investigation of consumer / tourist complaints -
076 1999-4-14 Contribution to the Bonding Fund -
024 1993-9-2 Stating full particulars on receipts Refer to Directive No. 154 for revised maximum penalty limits; current levy rate is 0.15%; refer to Directive No.234
013 1989-8-30 Acceptance of foreign currencies -