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Under the TIC are 9 committees, all ready to discharge different responsibilities of the TIC. Please click here for the Guidelines for committee members.

Committee members comprise more than 200 high-ranking people invited from member agents and other professions. In order to increase member agents’ participation in the work of the TIC, the TIC invites persons employed by member agents to nominate themselves to be a member of 6 committees every year. For details, please see the Guidelines and procedures for nomination and appointment of self-nominated committee members.

The TIC’s committees include:


Constitution/By-law Committee

Convenor: Mr NG Hi On MH 


Development Committee

Convenor: Mr Steve SY


Inbound Committee

Convenor: Mr Ricky TSE


Mainland China Inbound Tour Affairs Committee

Convenor: Mr Roy LO MH


Member and Public Relations Committee

Convenor: Mr David LEUNG


Outbound Committee

Convenor: Mr Johnny SO


Staff and Finance Committee

Convenor: Mrs Gianna HSU


Ticketing Committee

Convenor: Mr Larry LO


Training Committee

Convenor: Mr Jonathan WONG


Task Force on Airport Construction Fee

Convenor: Mr Ricky TSE


Working Group on Development Fund for the Travel Industry

Convenor: Mrs Gianna HSU


Working Group on Pilot Information Technology Development Matching Fund Scheme for Travel Agents

Convenor: Mr Sam LAM  MH


Working Group on Web-based Tourism Resource Platform on Belt & Road Related Countries and Regions and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cities

Convenor: Mr NG Hi On MH


Working Group on Online Training Platform

Convenor: Mr Jonathan WONG