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Certificate Course for Outbound Tour Escorts

Certificate Course for Outbound Tour Escorts

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With a view to maintaining a high standard of service within the outbound travel industry, the TIC has decided that tour escorts leading outbound tours must hold a valid Tour Escort Pass.

A Certificate Course for Outbound Tour Escorts has been designed to teach basic tour-escorting skills and to assist candidates in preparing for the Certificate Examination.


Entry requirements

1.    17 years old or above; 
2.    Secondary school graduates [Note] or equivalent or above (Nationally or internationally recognised academic verification shall be required for non-local academic qualifications); and 
3.    Holders of the Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card, or holders of the Hong Kong Identity Card who are not subject to any condition of stay (For non-permanent residents, both the original and photocopy of the Document of Identity for Visa Purposes or passport must be produced for verification.)

Definition of "secondary school graduates":    

  • Completion of Form 5 or Year 11 under the old secondary education system (5-2-3 education system) of Hong Kong or the British-style education system; or 
  • Completion of Senior Secondary 3 or the 12th Grade under the new secondary education system (3-3-4 education system) of Hong Kong or the US-style education system.


Target participants

People who intend to become tour escorts and escort guides.


Course Contents

Part I

  • Basic requirements of tour escort
  • Roles and duties of a tour escort
  • Effective skills in escorting a tour group

Part II

  • Departure and arrival information
  • Travel Industry Compensation Fund, Package Tour Accident Contingency Fund Scheme and levy / General information on travel insurance / Important information
  • Basic principles and effective skills in handling crisis / How to deal with tour group members with uncontrollable emotions or abnormal behaviours
  • Handling of unexpected events / Observation and case study on crisis handling
  • Case study / group discussion
  • Role play

Part III

  • Basic first aid knowledge
  • Tips on healthy travel



Total: 29.5 hours

Part 1: 8 hours
Part 2: 18.5 hours
Part 3: 3 hours



TIC Training Centre


Enrolment limit




The course and examination fees are as follows:

Travel agency staff Non-travel agency staff
HK$1,875 HK$2,500




Cantonese supplemented with English terms


Course Details

To be announced.

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