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TIC Members are strongly advised to renew licences before expiry

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TIC Members are strongly advised to renew licences before expiry


The TIC completed its historic mission of self-regulating the industry on 31 August 2022 and has since taken up the role of the federation of trade associations. Starting from 1 September 2022, the Travel Industry Authority (TIA) has taken over all the functions of the Travel Agents Registry (TAR), including issuing and renewing travel agent licences.

Under the Travel Industry Ordinance (Cap. 634), for those travel agent licences whose expiry dates fall between 31 August and 30 November 2022, their validity periods are all extended to 1 December 2022; and for those licences whose expiry dates fall on and after 1 December 2022, their validity periods remain the same.

If TIC members submitted their renewal applications to the TAR on or before 31 August 2022, their applications will continue to be handled by the TIA in accordance with the repealed Travel Agents Ordinance.

If TIC members have submitted or are to submit their renewal applications to the TIA on or after 1 September 2022, their applications will be handled in accordance with the Travel Industry Ordinance. In other words, TIC members must submit their renewal applications and relevant documents to the TIA by using the specified form, and must meet the authorized representative requirement and other requirements. Please click here for details of the authorized representative course and enrolment procedures.

Although TIC members may now choose NOT to carry on travel agent business at any local place of business, if they intend to continue to carry on business at one or more local places of business, they must submit an application for one or more business permits in the specified form when applying for the renewal of their licences.

TIC members are strongly advised to renew their licences before expiry, or else they will have to meet various requirements, including the capital requirement and guarantee money requirement, if they reapply for a licence under the Travel Industry Ordinance.

For enquiries, please contact the Licensing and Registration Section of the TIA by email ([email protected]) or call the TIA on (852) 3698 5900.