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Training Fund

Training Programme Subsidy Scheme (for eligible organisations)

(new applications are not accepted until further notice)

Funded by the HKSAR government, the Training Programme Subsidy Scheme (Subsidy Scheme) aims at enhancing the industry’s service quality through subsidising training activities organised by eligible training bodies. After running the Scheme for over a year, the TIC has listened to the opinions of the eligible training bodies on the Scheme and reflected to the Government. The TIC has successfully strived for a series of enhancement measures.

The enhancement measures include the following:

  1. Extension of project period. Each project can now be completed within 18 months; 
  2. Expanding the scope of subsidy, such as manpower expenses, administrative overheads and external audit fees; and 
  3. The grantee training bodies can select to receive the subsidy by two installments.

As the secretariat of the Subsidy Scheme, the TIC has set up an independent Vetting Committee to consider and approve all applications for subsidy.

Criteria for and scope of subsidy

Training activities are only for those who work for travel agents (including tour escorts and tourist guides) and must be able to enhance and upgrade their trade knowledge and skills. The activities can be courses, workshops, etc, and may cover cultural, heritage, green and creative tourism; customer service / hospitality; cruise travel; and Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Events (MICE) travel.

Applicants for eligible training activities must be non-profit-making and non-profit-distributing organisations, including training / education institutions, employer / employee associations or professional bodies in the industry.

Amount of subsidy and year of subsidy

Each approved training activity will be subsidised with a maximum of 80% of the approved cost, and the applicant organisation must bear the remaining 20%, which may include revenue from the activity (such as course fees) provided that it does not exceed 20% of the approved cost of the activity (see the application guide for details).

Each eligible organisation is subject to a subsidy ceiling of HK$250,000 per year. The year of subsidy commences from 1 April of each year until 31 March of the next year.

Application procedures

Applications for subsidy for training activities may be made throughout the year. The applicant organisations must provide detailed information about the training activity in the application form, including the objectives, outline of contents, total number of hours, target participants and number of participants, commencement and completion dates, as well as qualifications of teachers, quality assurance mechanism, cost, and the applicant organisations’ experience in organising the same or similar training activities.

Training activities which have received or will receive any subsidy, sponsorship or donation from sources other than the Subsidy Scheme are ineligible for subsidy.

Grantee organisations can launch the approved training activities and accept enrolment only after signing a funding agreement with the TIC.

List of subsidised training activities and their providers

Eligible applicant organisations may download the following documents for the application details:

For enquiries, please contact the secretariat (tel: 2969-8157; fax: 2510-9907; email: [email protected]).


Training Programme Subsidy Scheme (for tourist guides)

(application deadline has passed)

The Training Programme Subsidy Scheme (for tourist guides) (Subsidy Scheme) aims at subsidising tourist guides in completing the Continuing Professional Development Scheme for Tourist Guides (CPD Scheme) for renewing their Tourist Guide Licence issued by the Travel Industry Authority. As the Secretariat of the Subsidy Scheme, the TIC is responsible for processing the applications for the subsidy.

Criteria for and scope of subsidy

The applicant must possess a valid Tourist Guide Licence issued by the Travel Industry Authority or a pre-existing tourist guide pass (issued by the TIC) taken as a valid Tourist Guide Licence.

The subsidy could only be made as the payment of those training activities, including but not limited to courses, talks, seminars, workshops and “Knowledge on Hong Kong” Quiz, for fulfilling the requirements of the CPD Scheme.

Amount of subsidy

Each applicant is subject to a subsidy ceiling of HK1,000, and will be subsided on a reimbursement basis.

Application procedures

Applications for the subsidy by tourist guides must be submitted to the Secretariat within the concession period from 28 October 2019 to 31 October 2022. Throughout the concession period, each tourist guide can only submit ONE application for the subsidy, which may include one or more than one training activities that he/she has completed for fulfilling the requirements of the CPD Scheme.

An applicant must complete and submit the application form, together with documentary proof. Application details and application form could be downloaded from the following hyperlinks:

For enquiries, please contact the Secretariat (tel: 2969-8146; fax: 2510-9907; email: [email protected]).